SEPTA Grant Applications

1) SEPTA is accepting grant applications that are designed to promote inclusion and a unified school community (the application is attached). All New Rochelle school district general- and special-education teachers and staff members (no outside agencies) are eligible to apply. The money can be used to fund a project related to special needs issues, including:
(a) Integrated Activities that focus on collaboration of general education and special education students;
(b) After School/Recreational Activities focusing on Music, Art and Related Technologies;
(c) Vocational and pre-vocational community based activities;
(d) Reading and Math Literacy Programs; and
(e) Courses, workshops, or materials (books/DVDs etc.) that will enhance the teacher’s ability to work with children with special needs either in the general or special education classroom (behavioral, technological, emotional, or academic issues)
Deadline for Fall Applications is November 1st.

Grand Guidelines

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