We Are One Nomination Form

Please Read the Nomination Guidelines below before submitting someone for an award:

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New Rochelle Special Education PTA (SEPTA) We Are One Awards highlight individuals that go above and beyond to foster inclusiveness for children with special needs.   We Are One Awards include*:

  • School Award – Available to anyone that works within our New Rochelle school community including (but not limited to) principals, vice principals, teachers, staff, security, custodial staff, nurses, substitute teachers, crossing guards, etc.  There is typically one award presented for each individual school.
  • Administrator Award – Available to anyone that works in New Rochelle City school district administration including all district departments, superintendent’s office and Board of Education trustees and central office staff.
  • Student Award – Available to any student attending New Rochelle City schools.
  • Bridges Award – Available to anyone in our broader community.  The recipient does not need to live or work in New Rochelle to be eligible.

*Awarding each of the four categories listed here is dependent upon nominations received and at the discretion of the WeR1 committee.  Occasionally, there may be more than one recipient in a category or a category may be eliminated.

If you would like to nominate someone for any of the We Are One awards, please read the guidelines before completing the nomination form.  These guidelines apply to all award categories:

  1. Nominator will read the Nominations Guideline and confirm on the nomination form his/her understanding thereof.
  2. Nominee’s efforts must benefit special needs students in the New Rochelle City School District community.
  3. There is no limitation to the total number of individuals that can be nominated by any nominee.
  4. Please submit an individual nomination form for each nominee.
  5. Nominations are confidential.  Only the nominator has the option of identifying themselves to the nominee.
  6. The Nominator gives permission for their written nomination to be used by SEPTA for the purpose of communicating the justification for the award.  Generally, the recipient will only hear elements of the nomination.
  7. No more than 2 individuals can be on each nomination and there is no limit to the number nominations you can submit.
  8. The recipient is chosen by the New Rochelle SEPTA WeR1 committee.  The committee is comprised of volunteers including New Rochelle City School District parents, teachers, and/or administrators.
  9. The WeR1 committee anonymously votes through survey.   In the event of ties or unforeseen circumstance, the WeR1 committee may use its discretion when choosing the recipient through live vote.    WeR1 committee conversations regarding recipients are confidential to the committee.
  10. Recipients are chosen based on the content and impact expressed in the nomination.   Nominations are not specifically weighted by the total number of nominations received per individual though that information will be taken in to consideration by the WeR1 committee.
  11. Any member of the WeR1 committee has the option to recuse themselves from voting for individual awards.
  12. If the recipient chooses not to receive an award, the WeR1 committee may offer the award to another recipient or remove the category for that year.
Who are you nominating? (You may nominate up to two individuals who work together to share the award.)
What type of work does your nominee do?
How can we contact the person you are nominating? Please supply an email address and/or phone number.
Nominee's School:
PLEASE ENTER YOUR NOMINATION BELOW - (You may cut and paste it from another document). Please provide a description and specific examples of how your nominee made a difference in the life of a child with special needs and explain how your nominee excels in each of the categories listed below. We will not provide the nominee with your name or a copy of your submission.
1. INCLUSION - Describe how this person has included your child in the school community or has fostered the child's academic, social, or behavioral development with a goal of inclusion. Please list specific examples.
2. ALL HEART - How has the nominee inspired and impacted you and others? Please list specific examples.
3. ABOVE AND BEYOND - Describe how this individual has gone beyond what's required in their standard job description to assist your child or others. Please list specific examples.
Your Name:
This information is only necessary for us to inform you of the results and invite you to the dinner. Only members of the We Are One Committee that will be communicating to you will have access to your name.
Phone Number:
Type "YES" to confirm you have read and understand the We Are One guidelines.