Behavior Corner – Introduction (Nov. 2011)

The Behavior Corner

I am pleased to introduce a new monthly feature on the SEPTA website called “The Behavior Corner.” In this column I will attempt to address questions or concerns that parents commonly have about managing behavior in the home and community. These concerns may include anything from how to decrease behaviors that are problematic to how to increase more pro-social behaviors. As the behavior consultant for the district I work with many families, teachers and students and know that many parents are dealing with similar issues and are looking for strategies to help. Please let me state from the beginning that no two children with or without special needs are the same just as no two parents are the same. The strategies I discuss will be more general rather than specific and are designed to give you tools to try, not necessarily an exact solution. I don’t have all of the answers but draw on research-based behavioral strategies as well as those tactics which I have seen work with students and families over the years. As a parent myself I will also attempt to give you ideas that are practical to implement in the home setting in the midst of all of the competing contingencies we deal with on a daily basis.

For the month of November I will offer a column on something that is common stressor for many of our families, managing homework. After that the topics are up to you. I will tailor my columns based on the issues or questions you raise. As I said earlier, if one parent has a particular behavioral concern or question there are other parents who are having a similar issue. The November column will be posted by November 28th, 2011 and I will try and have each month’s column up by the last Monday of the month.

To begin, this column will be monthly, but depending on the response perhaps I can address a number of questions each month, much like an advice column in a newspaper or magazine. I am completely open to whatever meets the needs of you as parents working with your children with special needs.

This is a new feature and I am excited about developing it. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Please email me at with your questions.

Deborah Whitman BCBA

District Behavior Consultant
City School District of New Rochelle