Reading Tips For Parents

Read on for some helpful hints on how to support your child at home in developing a lifelong love of reading:

1. Encourage your child to re-read favorite books and poems.  Repeated readings of familiar texts is a great way to held your child develop fluency and accuracy.

2.  Ask your child questions about the story?  “IE.  “Why do you think Amelia Bedelia did that?” or “What do you think might happen next?”

3.  Bring along a book or magazine wherever you go (doctor appointment, vacation, long car trip)

4.  Read sections of the story to your child first and have them listen. Then read using “my turn, your turn”.  Reading the section while your child listens will improve comprehension.

5.  Make reading time a special time for the family to do together ( means turning the TV off and everyone reads for a time together)

6.  Help your child pick out books they can read independently, that are not too difficult for them when looking for picks they can read on their own.

7.  Give them opportunities to listen to a story on tape  while following along in their book.

8.  Encourage meaningful writing activities.  Have your child write a list, a thank you note, a letter to you convincing you why they should do something or get something for example.

9. Encourage vocabulary development by engaging in interesting conversations with unfamiliar words intertwined in order to enhance their language skills.