A Note From Mayor Bramson

We want to share the link to Mayor Bramson’s moving and courageous blog post. Thank you, Mayor Bramson, for understanding and supporting children and adults with disabilities.


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Thank You For Another Great WE ARE ONE!

Watch the story from News12 Westchester

See photos from the night!

Meet The Award Recipients

Join us in honoring these amazing individuals:

Albert Leonard Middle School – Barbara Clark
Barnard Early Childhood Center – Jeanne Jacobsen
Columbus Elementary School – Otilia Tanner
George M. Davis Jr. Elementary – Ricky Marchione
Isaac E. Young Middle School – John Fullerton
Jefferson Elementary School- Billy Murphy & Eddie Ortiz
New Rochelle High School – Amy Cermele
Trinity Elementary School – Denise V. Campbell
William B. Ward Elementary School – Lisa Leventhal
Daniel Webster Magnet School- Susan Muller
District-Wide – Edie Barasch

2014 Bridges Award
Conroy’s Basketball  –  Frank Conroy

2014 Bridges Business Award
Modern Restaurant  – Sebastian Aliberti & Anthony Russo

Thursday, April 24
The Fountainhead

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Amazing Turnout at SEPTA Meeting

Check out the crowd for the November 19 SEPTA Meeting!


Thanks to everyone who attended this panel discussion with representatives from:

  • NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) – Mary Newhard, Deputy Director of OPWDD
  • Westchester’s Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH) – Betsy Litt, Children’s SPOA coordinator
  • Adult Career & Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) – Mark Ridgeway, District Manager
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Dealing With Toileting Regression

Deborah Whitman returns with a new Behavior Corner on a topic many parents have had to deal with, Toileting Regression. What do you do when your child slips backwards with the bathroom?

Read about how to deal with Toileting Regression

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Thanks to Everyone for Making We Are One a Huge Success!

Here’s a look at photos from the 2013 We Are One Dinner!


Click to see more photos courtesy of Jen Parent!

Watch a video of the winners.

New Rochelle SEPTA “We Are One” Award Announcement 2013 from LMC-TV on Vimeo.

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Learn About: Yad B’Yad (Hand-In-Hand)

Yad B’Yad (Hand-In-Hand)

A Synagogue-Based Inclusive Program for Jewish Teenagers with Developmental Challenges

For more information or to arrange an intake appointment, please contact Felice Miller-Baritz at 914-949-4717 ext 124 or felicemillerbaritz@nykolami.org

Download the Yad B’Yad Brochure

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Learn Tips For Dealing With Behavior At Home

Deborah Whitman, who has written several columns on home behavior spoke at a recent SEPTA General Meeting and offers this presentation to help guide you.

See Deborah’s Behavior Tips

Read her Behavior Corner columns

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Understanding Your Child’s IEP – See the Presentation Slides


Presented by Naomi Brickel
Project Coordinator of the Hudson Valley Special Education Parent Center
and past New Rochelle SEPTA President.

Please click on the link to see the slideshow Understanding Your Child’s IEP.

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Reading Tips for Parents

Read on for some helpful hints on how to support your child at home in developing a lifelong love of reading:

1. Encourage your child to re-read favorite books and poems.  Repeated readings of familiar texts is a great way to held your child develop fluency and accuracy.

2.  Ask your child questions about the story?  “IE.  “Why do you think Amelia Bedelia did that?” or “What do you think might happen next?”

3.  Bring along a book or magazine wherever you go (doctor appointment, vacation, long car trip)

4.  Read sections of the story to your child first and have them listen. Then read using “my turn, your turn”.  Reading the section while your child listens will improve comprehension.

5.  Make reading time a special time for the family to do together ( means turning the TV off and everyone reads for a time together)

6.  Help your child pick out books they can read independently, that are not too difficult for them when looking for picks they can read on their own.

7.  Give them opportunities to listen to a story on tape  while following along in their book.

8.  Encourage meaningful writing activities.  Have your child write a list, a thank you note, a letter to you convincing you why they should do something or get something for example.

9. Encourage vocabulary development by engaging in interesting conversations with unfamiliar words intertwined in order to enhance their language skills.

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Our Mission

SEPTA is New Rochelle’s Special Education PTA. SEPTA fosters support for all children in our district that may be facing academic, physical, and/or social challenges. The programs we support certainly help those children with a formal review and defined services– but our involvement extends beyond that and helps any child with any type of a need.

SEPTA communicates, funds, and assists in supporting programs that help children to accept and understand each other.

We understand that it takes a village and SEPTA highlights the actions of those in our community that work to ensure our challenged children are actively included as important, contributing members of our community through our “We Are One” awards dinner. Look for invites in March – it’s really the best night in New Rochelle!

If there’s an intervention you believe your child may need or a challenge your child is facing, a program you don’t understand – please know that you can reach out to SEPTA and we’ll offer our resources, knowledge, and energies to help you. It’s a great district-wide network and resource.

Thank you.

Elvira and Rick
Co-Presidents – New Rochelle SEPTA

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