We are New Rochelle SEPTA!

Special Education Parent Teacher Association

SEPTA is an organization that works to help all of our children reach their fullest potential.  We are here to support all children in our district that may be facing academic, physical, and/or social emotional challenges. The programs we support certainly help those children with a formal review and defined services– but our involvement extends beyond that and helps any child with any type of need.  If there’s an intervention you believe your child may need or a challenge your child is facing, a program you don’t understand – please know that you can reach out to SEPTA and we’ll offer our resources, knowledge, and energies to help you. We are a great district-wide network and resource.

We understand that it takes a village and SEPTA highlights the actions of those that work to ensure our challenged children are actively included as important, contributing members of our community through our “We Are One” awards dinner.  Every year we receive nominations of Teachers, students and community members that have worked hard to bridge the gap for our most vulnerable children. Look for invites in March – it’s one of the best nights in New Rochelle!

We encourage and welcome membership of individuals who may identify and appreciate our mission, even if they do not have a child with special educational needs. 

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